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Environmental Responsibility

What Rui Azevedo, Lda. is doing for our Planet. 

Follow online and live the energy efficiency of our panels.
Aware and aware of its responsibility in the creation of a sustainable future, the Management of Rui Azevedo, Lda. assumes the environment as a fundamental management tool to ensure the compliance of their products and processes with the legislation in force and the best environmental practices.

One of the key processes for the pursuit of our goals is the optimization of consumption of available resources in accordance with our procedure of Consumption Management, which includes the reduction and reuse of the same, and the correct separation of waste in accordance with our procedure of Waste Management, both resulting from the ISO 14001 standard recently implemented in our company.

The involvement and participation of all stakeholders enables the economic and environmental return of this Resource Management.

Aware of this reality, Rui Azevedo, Lda. installed 96 photovoltaic panels occupying a gross area of 156 m2, with the capacity to produce more than 33000 KWh per year, translating into an energy saving of about 55%.

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