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Our Design and Development Department has a team of specialists with the ability to solve any challenge in the area of printing plastic or metal parts, of any type of material and geometry, using the various technologies available. We have the ability to make rotary geometries up to 360 degrees. The success of Rui Azevedo, Lda. is in the capacity of quick response to the customer in the execution of the samples and in the execution of the decoration of the piece, responding to the highest standards of demand and quality.

We accept any challenge!
 Rui Azevedo, Lda. is carrying out the project VINCI 7D - Functional Print: Robotic functional printing on parts with complex geometries, in partnership with SCTN entities (University of Minho, INL and CeNTI).

The VINCI 7D Project aims to develop a robotic printing solution for printing functional circuits in 3D parts, electroluminescent devices, piezoelectric and capacitive sensors. This will require the integration of multi-ink print heads (decorative and functional) with a robotic arm, combined with 3D mapping technologies, and a communication protocol between robot and print heads.

The goal is to implement in the automotive sector a technology that allows product innovation, increasing the complexity of design without increasing the complexity of construction and production. On the other hand, that promotes the competitiveness of the sector and, in parallel, supports process efficiency with the reduction of time and procedures whose use ensures economic benefits for the automotive plastics printing industry.

This is a process and product innovation project, where Rui Azevedo is responsible for developing a service that aims to respond to the growing demands of the industry, thus remaining at the forefront of the 4th industrial revolution.

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